As the fastest growing and largest mobile game event in China, the GMGC – Beijing (Global Mobile Game Congress) is the international platform for sharing industry trends and ideas in the ever-evolving mobile game industry. Hosted annually, next year the GMGC will be held on March 15th – 17th, 2017, at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, China, and will draw more than 200 speakers and 15,000 industry professionals from over 35 countries.
In the past 4 years, the GMGC – Beijing hosted some of the biggest names in the mobile game industry, including top minds from Baidu, EA, Tencent, Samsung, Xiaomi, Gameloft, Google, Paypal, and App Annie. This year we’re back to engage more top industry players and meet new game-changers in our keynote speaker series, panel discussions, and insightful forums.
Don’t miss the developer workshops and D-Forge stages, discover new game ideas at our 9th edition of the Indie Pitch Arena competition, and meet other like-minded professionals at the VIP Welcome Dinner and Official Party.










2016 Agenda

Grand Ballroom B, 2F, InterContinental Beijing Beichen
G50 Game Summit
Grand Ballroom , 2F, InterContinental Beijing Beichen
Welcome Speech by Organizer
Pierre-Andre Galmes, Head of Digital Goods, APAC, PayPal
Xin Nie, VP, Suzhoumeishengyuan
Venue: 3F, Hall 309
Opening Ceremony

Welcome Speech by Organizer: William Wei, CSO, GMGC
Welcome Speech by Governor

Keynote: Open to Embrace the Future

Shaoyang E, Assistant Vice President, Baidu Mobile Game

Keynote: Evolutionary Boutique Strategy of Tencent Mobile Games

Mars Hou, Assistant General Manager of Marketing, Tencent Interactive Entertainment

Keynote: Pain & Gain In The Movie & Game Cooperation

Roy Liu, Linekong Partner & Linekong US President

Keynote: How Should Chinese Mobile Games Conquer Overseas Markets from An Operational Perspective

Sunding Tang, VP, R2Games

Keynote: Chinese Game Developers Should Observe the Overseas Games and Entertainment Strategy in 2016

Steven Hu, Co-CEO, Ourpalm

Keynote: Follow Your Original Aspiration and This Leads You to Success

Hao Cheng Fu, Founder & CEO, Tops Game.

Keynote: Go Global with Google Play

Lei Zhang, Head of Strategic Partner Development, Google Play Apps & Games, Greater China, Google

Keynote: A Final Push to the Windows 10

Ben Zhang, CEO, 247 Tech

Keynote: 2016 Global Mobile Game Industry White Book Announcement

Yongfeng Xue, GM of Interactive Entertainment Department, Interactive Entertainment Industry Research Center

Panel: Mobile Game Industry Review and Trends in 2016

Moderator: Yichao Chen, Chairman&Chief Executive Officer, More Than Games
Yongcong Chen, CEO, Kingnet Game Business Group
Yang Meng, CEO, 5AGame
Abollo Wang, CEO, Moleader
Jian Sun, CEO, XiaoAo Interactive

Keynote: Strategic Deployment of Mobile Games and Cloud Services

Bridge Huang, General Manager of Tencent Game Cloud, Tencent Cloud Company

Keynote: Building a Sustainable eSport Ecosystem on Touch Screens: Vainglory Case Study

Taewon Yun, GM of APAC, Super Evil Megacorp

Keynote: Bangcle Mobile Game Protection


Keynote: Find the Right Mobile Marketing Strategy in East Asia - Ensure your Game is a success in Japan

Wei Liu, VP of Overseas Mobile Marketing, Adways Inc

Panel: How Service Providers Adapt to the Game 2.0 Era

Moderator: Guangyu Zhang, CEO, AppGame
Lei Sun, GM of Game Department, Ali Cloud
Yuekun Qiu, CEO, iAppPay Billing
Clement Huang, Chief Product Officer, Madhouse
Tony Bai, CEO, More Than Data

Keynote: JCloud-Be One Step Ahead with Your Games

Dr.Yang Haiming, Chief Architect, JCloud

Keynote: Launching a F2P Game Overseas: Strategies, Risks and Pitfalls

Inna Ushakova, CEO, Zenna Apps

Keynote: How to Get Strategic Investors to Eat from Your Hands

Sean Lee, Chief Strategy Officer, Wargaming

Keynote: Glu Stardom Game - Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Neo Liu, G.M. of Publishing, Glu

Panel: From the Asian Market to Global Market

Moderator: Maxim de Wit, Strategic Advisor, GMGC
Tran Vinh Quang, COO, Appota
Gabby Dizon, CEO, Altitude Games
Santhosh Malleshwara, Business Head/Director North Asia, Tyroo
Milica Andjelkovic, Head of Account Management, Fortumo
Sergio Salvador, Global Head Gaming Partnerships and Head Mobile APAC, Google

Venue: 3F, Hall 311
Opening Ceremony

Welcome Speech by Organizer: Joe Wu, Head of Committee of Investment, Financing, and Mergers Acquisitions, GMGC
Welcome Speech by Governor

Keynote: 360 Game's Super Platform in the 2.0 Time

Alex Xu, Kong'er General manager of Game Department, 360

Keynote: Professional Publishing Is Beneficial for All

Leif Li, COO, CMGE

Keynote: The Combined of IP-based Literature and Mobile Game—From Neither Friendly nor Aloof to Deeply Cooperation.

Kasey Guo, Vice-President of International Cooperation Department, DataEye

Keynote: Learn from Excellence in the Rise of PAN Entertainment

Haitao Lu, VP, UCloud


Xianshu Wang, Founder & CEO, Bus-online

Keynote: The Challenge and Opportunity of Casual Game

Duanmu Wenlin, VP, Migu Interactive Entertainment Co. Ltd


Xin Nie, VP, Suzhoumeishengyuan

Keynote: Baidu Literature's Entertainment Value

Zhen Liang, VP, Baidu Literature

Keynote:Breakthroughs and Achievements of Offline Games

Shengyin Huang, Wostore Technology Co.Ltd.

Panel: "IP Economics" in the PAN Entertainment Era

Moderator: Yuelin Li, Investment Director, iResearch Venture Capital
Fengyun He, VP, LeEco
Yu Fei, Vice President, Gameloft
Yi Ren, CEO, DeNA
Effie Zhang,Vice-President,Hua Wei Diyibo Network

Keynote: The Next Billion Dollar Market for Mobile: PC?

John Gargiulo, SVP, Bluestacks

Keynote: The Opportunity and Challenge After Top IP Secured

Oliver Wu, CEO, Flyingwing Digital

Keynote: How to Balance the Culture Influence and Profit-chasing in ACGN Industry

Brian Zhu, Chief Executive Officer, MorningTec

Keynote: The Booming Period of Mobile e-Sports and Mobile Game Entertainment Vloggers

Yichao Chen, Chairman&Chief Executive Officer, more than games

Keynote: How to Better Monatize Your Game Overseas

Pierre-Andre Galmes,Head of Digital Goods, APAC, PayPal

Panel: Successful Stories of IP, Game, and Entertainment

Moderator: Freddy Chang, Sales and Marketing Director, Vungle
Mike Li, Co-Founder & General Manager, China-Kabam
Andreea Chifu, Head of Mobile, Paradox
Jaeson Hildebrand, Senior Vice President of Business Development & Client Service, glispa
Sutor Su, Head of Regional BD, Chillingo

Keynote: College Education of Game Talents

XueMing Li, Principal of Digital Media, Art, and Design Department, Beijing University Of Posts And Telecommunications

Keynote: College Education of Game Talents

XueMing Li, Principal of Digital Media, Art, and Design Department, Beijing University Of Posts And Telecommunications

Keynote: The Adaptation of College Education to the Digital Entertainment Requirements

Bing Shao, Head Of Digital Entertainment Department , School of New Media Jilin College of the Arts

Keynote: Game Design Courses and Practical Education

XiaoXi Fang, The Dean of the College of Art and Design, Shanxi Technology And Business University

Panel: Success and Innovation between Learning and Educating

Moderator:Allen Zhao, Chief Content Officer, GMGC
Feng Ye,The Principal Assiatant of the Digital Media Department,Beijing Film Academy
XueMing Li, Principal of Digital Media, Art, and Design Department, Beijing University Of Posts And Telecommunications
JingHua Han, Director of Mathematics & Art Department, Beijing Forestry University
Zhilong An,Director of Teaching and Research Section,Hebei Academy Of Fine Arts
Gang Li, Head of Game Department, Communication University of ShanXi

Venue: 1F, Function Hall A
Opening Speech
MC: Icy Mi, GMGC
Keynote: To be confirmed Liangqi Cheng, Vice-Presicent, YOUZU Interactive

Speaker: Liang qi Cheng, Vice-Presicent, YOUZU Interactive

Keynote: How Leading Gaming Companies Leverage AWS for Global Success

Speaker: Lianghong Fei, Technology Evangelist, AWS

Keynote:Ad Monetization Best Practices

Speaker: Chris Tuan, Director of Ads for Greater China, Unity

Keynote: Win-Win of Cloud Service and Mobile Game Industry

Speaker: Yingfei Liu, Senior Architect, Ali Cloud

Keynote:Egret Web3D, The Exploration of WebVR

Speaker: Xinlei Zhang, Evangelist, Egret

Keynote:《 Open Source of vise3、New Concept of Game Development》

Speaker: Johnson Song, Founder, VISE3D Engine

Venue: 1F, Function Hall B
Opening Speech

MC: Mohamed Matough, Senior International Cooperation Manager, GMGC

Keynote: Global User Acquisition of the Best Quality and Scale from Social Media

Speaker: Alan Lan, Head of Online Sales, Greater China, Twitter

Keynote:Category and Network impact from Top Chart Behavior

Speaker: Christian Calderon,Chief Revenue Officer, Ketchapp

Keynote: Why CEE is Your Key to Success Globally?

Speaker: Pawel Weder, CIO, GameDesire

Keynote: Market Trend: IAP to Ads, Mobile to VR

Speaker: Atsuo Nakayama, General Manager, Bandai Namco Studios

Keynote: Cost of User Acquisition for An App / Game in APAC

Speaker: Venkatesh C.R., CEO, Dot Com Infoway / Galatta Media, Co-Founder, Magzter Inc

Keynote: Game Economics: Mobile Games Track To Western Markets

Speaker: Frank Sliwka, CEO, IB Media

Venue: 1F, Function Hall B
MC: Chen Feng
Opening speech

Jessie Wang, Head of International Strategy, GMGC

Introduction of Judges and Rules

Chao liu, Vice President, Ourpalm
Ben Zhang, CEO, 247 Technology
Tony Shong, Director of Game Incubator, Mars Era Institute of Digital Arts Co. Ltd.
Zhe Wang, Vice President of science and technology, Cocos2d-x founder, Beijing CHUKONG Technology Co. Ltd.
Lei Shaoman, Strategy Director, Hoolai games
Alexandro, Product Director, HERO


Wish Fang


Singyea Game

Space Heroes

Beijing Xinrun Technology

Pioneer Fortress

Icon Plus

My God

Dragon Whisper Games

Original Journey

Bonfire Entertainment

Lit the Torch

Donkey kong Barbie

The East New World

10Ten Games

Catch Me

ZuoBuLai Studio

Combo Steel

Carrya Technology


Light Dream Studio

Seek the Light


The Swords

Sunhead Games

Weird Manor


A Wonderfull World

Liberal Gate Games



Announcement of Winners
Keynote: What Are We Doing?

Botao Shi, CEO, ZEUS Interactive

Keynote: Grow Your Business Globally with Google

Hui Deng, Head of Industry, BIM+M&E, Google| Xianlin Xie, Co-Founder, ELEX

KeynoteThink Long Term About Your IP's Value

Xinrui Dong, Protection and Coordination Department, State Intellectual Property Office of China

Keynote: 5 Stages of Mobile Ad Measurement - How Data-Driven Are You?

Ronen Mense, VP of Asia, AppsFlyer

Keynote: From Santa Claus to Robin Hood: 1 Postmortem, 2 Games, 3 App Stores

Roberto Dillon, CEO, Adsumsoft

Keynote: The Future of VR

Hao Wu, Greater China General Manager (Corporate Dev & Marketing), Epic Games, Inc.

Keynote: Learnings from building a gaming business

Vladimir Funtikov, CEO, Creative Mobile

Keynote: Mobile Game Lifecycle: Understanding the Big Picture

Rosa Colom, VP of Product, Game Analytics

Panel: Going Abroad – How to Be Successful Outside Your Home Market

Moderator: Joerg Tente, CEO, 8Elements
Benjamin Lee, Director, Greater China, Coda Payments
Simon Yan,Global Operation Director,Seasun Games
William Bao Bean, Investment Partner, SOS Ventures
Shawn Bonham, VP, Adjust
Gordon Wang, GM of Overseas Ads Business Unit, Cheetah Mobile

Keynote: I Play 5 Hours a Day But I`m Not A Gamer” - Female Gamers

Martine Spaans, VP of Developer Relations, FGL

Panel: Game 2.0 Era: The Evolution of the Game Ecosystem

Moderator: Yugang Qiu, CEO, Mefun
Yong Wang, CEO, Kick9
kipak Wei, CEO, Kylin
Xue Liu, VP of Operation, Teebik
Yurong Chen, Co-Founder, Jedi Technology


Arturo Vélez,Co-Founder and Overseas Business Development Manager,Naranya

Panel: Innovation Opportunities and Investment Value in the Game and Entertainment Industry

Moderator: Mark Ma, VP, iResearch Venture Capital
Norman Lo, CEO, Kingstoy
Fiona Li, Partner, Guojin Capital
Brain Jiang
Wensheng Guan, Chairman, Jizhihui Capital

Keynote: A New Level of HTML5 Games

Zhiyu Ge, VP, Hoodinn

Keynote: How to Attract, Manage and Negotiate with Investors

Philip Beck, COO, Happylatte

Panel: New Territories of Mobile Game Development

Moderator:Jakob Nilsson, CEO, Game Plus
Tony Sun, VP, Yodo1
Conor Bracken, Founder & CEO, Andovar
Vince Ghossoub, Founder & CEO, Falafel Games
Jonathan Ungarish, Director,SafeDK
Tony Zander, VP, Vectr Ventures

Keynote:Introduction of VIMN IP content for Digital Market

Pierre Cheung, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Viacom International Media Networks for Greater China.

Keynote:Heritage and Perseverance of the Top Level Games

Prince Chen, President, Yinhan Games


Sergio Tavares, Head of Advertiser Account Management, Ad2games

Keynote: IP-based Game productions: Best Practices

Elena Lobova, CEO, iLogos

Keynote: Press Play: Twitch and the New Era of Live Streaming

Raiford C Cockfield III, Director - APAC Partnerships, Twitch

Panel: The Booming of the Entertainment Industry in the CPC's 13th Five-Year Plan Period

Moderator: Yi Li, YY
Jie Wu, Vice-President, Mangofun
Danny Wang, VP, Duoyi Network
Albert Ma, CEO, Firevale
Da Wang, CEO, Radiant
Wu Zui, Writer, Zongheng.com
Junbao Zhang, Writer/CEO, Taijihuyu

Moderater Opening Speech
Keynote: Ride the Wind and Waves, Build the VR/AR New Age.

Allen Foo, CEO & Founder, UCCVR

Keynote: Cocos Engine's Presence and Plan in the VR Industry

Zhe Wang, VP of Chukong Technology, Cocos2d-x Founder

Keynote: UE4's Advantages on the Mobile Platform

Mi Wang, Senior Support Engineer, Epic Games

Keynote: Top 10 VR Mobile Games in the Industry

Maarten Noyons, CEO & Founder, NCC Partners

Panel: VR - Opening New Horizons of eSport

Moderator: Allen Lee, CEO, Battletimes
Thomason Hu, CEO, YuuGames
Ken Lau, VP, Gamefy
Xiaodong Li, Academic Director, Faculty of Film and Television, Marsera Institute of Digital Arts
Pijieflyfly, Editor,《Electronic athletics》The magazine
Andy Dong, Editor in Chief, Youku Tudou

Keynote: 2016, Year for Scenarized VR

Vincent Lai, CEO, RuiYue Nibiru

Keynote: VR Leads the Trend - The Next Gold Point

Ray Yang, VP, 3Glasses

Keynote: 2016, the Start of the VR Era

Lincoln, Founder & COO, Gevek

Keynote: How We Used UE4 to Create Gunjack - The #1 Selling Mobile VR Game on Gear VR

Ray Tran, Technical Director, CCP Games Asia

Panel: Opportunites and Chanllenges for VR in PAN Entertainment

Moderator: Yu Jing, Chief Director, 87870.com
Haiqing Cui, Partner, Magiclens
Leon Zhang, CSO, Lexiang Technology
Thomas Li, VP, dlodlo
Tim Zhang, CEO, Ling VR
DAVY HE, CEO, Ximmerse


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